Investment Climate

Angola offers both high returns and great risks to investors and exporters. The oil and diamond industries and intensive infrastructure rebuilding following the end of civil war in 2002 create business opportunities. Angolan economy had double digit growth rates

The country has various opportunities for investment mainly in oil and diamond.

Surface transportation inside the country is slow and expensive, while bureaucracy and port inefficiencies complicate imports and raise costs.

Regulatory Framework

Angola National Agency for Private Investment (ANIP)

ANIP is the government agency founded in 2003 by Decree No. 44/03 of 4 July 2003.

It is responsible for implementing the national policy on private investment, promotion, coordination and supervision

It offers sector analysis, investment information and helps to identify business opportunities.

Investment Climate in Angola has been summarized to include the following

Investment Authority of Angola

Investment Guarantees in Angola

Investment Incentives in Angola

Investment opportunities in Angola

Exports of Angola

Development partners of Angola

Double Taxation treaties in Angola

International trade agreements with Angola

Natural resources of Angola

Trading partners of Angola

Angola Immigration Authority

Angola Currency Converter

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